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Todd’s first studio recordings were with his band Harlet, with the most notable release being their independent release called “25 Gets A Ride” in 1988. This album was re-released on CD by Skol Records (Poland) and vinyl by Blood and Iron Records (Portugal) on its 25th anniversary in 2013. Despite the entrance of grunge into the metal scene, Harlet soldiered on, eventually releasing a second independent CD in 1994, after changing the name of the band to Pulling Teeth. The band broke up shortly thereafter.


In 2004, Todd was selected to be the next singer for Jack Starr’s Burning Starr, who were signed to Magic Circle Music, a record label owned by Joey DeMaio of the band Manowar. As the producer, Joey personally selected Todd to be the new lead singer for Burning Starr. Todd went on to release three albums with Burning Starr – Defiance (2009), Land of the Dead (2011), and Stand Your Ground (2017) as well as one live album, Keep The Metal Burning – Live In Germany (2014).

Seeking another creative outlet, Todd formed another band called Reverence with guitar player Bryan Holland. They released two albums on Razar Ice Records with Todd being responsible for all the lyrics and vocal melodies – When Darkness Calls (2012) and Gods Of War (2015).

In 2013, Todd joined the remaining members of Riot, when they decided to forge ahead in the wake of the death of founding member Mark Reale. Out of respect for Mark and as a way to mark the fifth chapter of Riot, Donnie Van Stavern and Mike Flyntz decide to alter the name of the band to Riot V (pronounced Riot Five). Todd has so far released two studio albums with Riot V – Unleash The Fire (2014) and Armor Of Light (2018) as well as two live albums – Live At Keep It True Festival (2018) and Live In Japan (2019).

In 2017, Todd independently released his first solo album, “Letters From India”, which was a collection of pop songs inspired by his pen pal relationship with his wife, Lumpeny, who is from India. Todd met Lumpeny as a result of his Harlet fan club back in 1993. Letters From India was released independently with all proceeds going to support a Christian-based relief organization called the Rescue Ministries of Mid-Michigan.

In 2019, Todd independently released more solo music in the light rock style via four 3-song EP’s – Air, Earth, Fire, and Water – which are available through all digital download and streaming services. 

Also in 2019, Todd went to an open call audition for the hit NBC television show called The Voice. Out of 40,000 singers who were given consideration, Todd was one of small number to receive a “Blind Audition” and a spot on Season 18, which aired during the first half of 2020. Todd made it onto Team Blake, had three performances on National TV, and made it to the top 20, before being eliminated after the Knockout Round.

In 2020, Todd connected with Metal Church guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof and the pair bonded over their love for classic rock. The resulting inspiration lead to the writing and recording of Todd’s newest solo album, Sonic Healing, which was released on May 7, 2021 via Rat Pak Records.

Todd independently released another solo album in the light rock style when “No Winner Takes All” became available through all digital download and streaming services on September 27, 2022. At the same time, a physical version was made available as a double CD with the second CD including all of four of Todd’s 2019 “Elements” releases, which made them available in physical form for the first time.

On May 10, 2024, Riot V released their third studio album (17th studio album for Riot), “Mean Streets”, via Reigning Phoenix Music (USA and Europe) and Ward (Japan), which is available on vinyl and CD as well as digital formats worldwide. They are playing numerous shows and festivals throughout the world in support of the release.

Todd has worked with Kurdt Vanderhoof on another set of classic rock-inspired songs, which will be released as the album “Off The Rails” via Rat Pak Records in the fall of 2024.

THE VOICE -- "Battle Rounds" Episode 1806 -- Pictured: Todd Michael Hall -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)



2024 | Reigning Phoenix / Ward

Todd Michael Hall - No Winner Takes All

2022 | Independent

Todd Michael Hall - sonic healing

2021 | Rat Pak Records

Todd Michael Hall - Air

2019 | Independent

Todd Michael Hall - Earth

2019 | Independent

Todd Michael Hall - Fire

2019 | Independent

Todd Michael Hall - Water

2019 | Independent

Live in Japan CD Cover

Riot V - Live in Japan 2018

2018 | AFM / Ward

Riot V - Live At Keep It True Festival

2018 | Nuclear Blast

CD Cover

Riot V - Armor of Light

2018 | Nuclear Blast / Ward

Todd Michael Hall - Letters from India

2017 | Independent

Burning Starr - Stand Your Ground

2017 | High Roller Records

Reverence - Gods Of War

2015 | Razar Ice Records

CD Cover

Riot V - Unleash The Fire

2014 | Steamhammer / Avalon

Burning Starr - Keep The Metal Burning – Live in Germany

2014 | Skol Records

CD Cover

Harlet - 25 Gets A Ride - 25th Reissue

2013 | Skol Records

Reverence - When Darkness Calls

2012 | Razar Ice Records

Burning Starr - Land Of The Dead

2011 | Limb

Burning Starr - Defiance

2009 | Magic Circle Music

CD Cover

Pulling Teeth - Self-titled

1994 | Independent

Harlet - 25 Gets a Ride

1988 | Independent